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From World Adventures to Writing a Book

At 32, I’ve had a pretty amazing and eventful life full of many world adventures. It started out with an ordinary Australian childhood, where I was a shy kid and enjoyed family holidays from a young age. Once I completed high school – it all changed. With one spontaneous decision, I broke the rules and bought my first backpack with my pocket-money and took off to follow the sun.

I had no money, just an extreme thirst for adventure, which led to many amazing and dangerous situations. My plan, as an adventurer was to travel as cheap as I can for as long as possible. My travel style was to go where the wind blows me and never knock back an opportunity. If somebody told me “don’t go there,” I went there.  Eventually I accumulated many hair-raising and insanely crazy stories, which I soon became sick of telling over and over again. After being constantly persuaded for many years to “write a book,” I finally caved in. I had no idea how to write a book but I decided to give it a go.

Having backpacked around the globe on many world adventures for the best part of 9 years and over 60 countries, I’m finally at the stage of writing the book. I’m currently living overseas as a digital nomad on a writers retreat, covering three continents as I write at my own pace and try to enjoy the process.  I have hundreds of mind-blowing stories, however I’m writing my top 20 in this unnamed book all as short stories. I plan to print them as hard copy book, e books, and also audio books.

Please follow my progress of writing the book here on the “Writers Retreat Blog” and don’t forget to chip in with any advice as I go along. If you can think of any good names for the book don’t forget to write it in the comments below.

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