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Welcome to my website for the book. Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Paul Wood, I’m from Adelaide, Australia and I’ve recently turned 32. I’m going through a mid-life crisis. Whilst most of my friends are married with kids and have a degree and career, I have no idea what to do with my life. At times it feels like my life is somewhat of a mess. My future is one big unknown blur and my past has been full of excitement, travelling the world, and having a blast. There is one thing I do know however, and that is…I’ve got one hell of a story to tell!

I cannot move on with life until I write my story into a book as it’s been mentally and emotionally eating away at me for over 5 years now. So now it’s time, time to turn thoughts into actions and get this story out of my system and into a book, for the world to read.

My story behind the book:

I’ve never held a decent job nor studied since finishing school in 1999. Earning minimum wage and having a thirst for global travel is a bloody hard combination to live up to. Over a nine-year period, I’d travelled through over 60 countries, on every continent in the world except Antarctica, and enjoyed five lengthy working holidays. I’ve had a variety of jobs in many countries over this time from cleaning toilets to being a stand-up comedian. My motto was:

“I spend less money than a homeless man … and travel more than a millionaire.”

I had to be a complete and utter tight-ass to live this dream. I lived in cars, lived in forests hunting rabbits, slept on streets chained to poles, slept on beaches and in old ruins, anywhere to save a dollar. Eventually, living cheap, and roughing it out, along with my lust for adventure and danger, led to the most amazing times of my life. The cheaper I was, the more incredible the adventure became. These adventures became addictive and sent my parents grey.

Being frugal, not only led to these crazy adventures, but also the desire to earn a quick buck put me in many dangerous situations. I did a potential drug run down to the Greek Isles for Millionaires I hardly Knew, flew to Germany to be a human guinea pig testing 2 heart drugs never tested together on humans, was almost scammed to smuggle $30,000 of gems from India to England, nearly killed myself bleaching my hair with pool chlorine and I even trekked across Scotland in mid-winter to save money on a tour. This is just an example.

Trouble seemed to follow me wherever I went. At times I felt I was destined to die at an early age, and I became oblivious to my own safety. I had an uncanny ability of finding myself at the wrong place at the wrong time. Whether it was being stuck in a harsh blizzard on top of the UK’s highest mountain, or caught in a monstrous isolated cave in the middle of the night with a dying torch, I always seemed to escape. I also attracted riots like magnets to a fridge door, had a window explode in my face in a near head on accident on an Egyptian bus ride, and was forced by the Serbian Mafia to help them in their crimes. I became addicted to the adrenalin rush of travel, which peaked when I talked my way into a Bolivian Prison, being shown around on a tour by prisoners.

Most of my stories occurred whilst travelling with my equally frugal and adventurous mate, Jimmy. Together we pushed our limits of a “normal holiday” and turned it into an “adventure of a lifetime.” We used to say to each other “lets go where the wind blows us,” and we never knew where we would end up next. Whilst we only did one, yearlong trip together, the habits we developed stuck with me for many more crazy solo adventures over many more years.

The book is currently unnamed. If you have any suggestions for a good name please don’t hesitate to write it in the comments.

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