"I spend less money than a homeless man ... & travel more than a millionaire"

About The Book

Find out why this is "The Craziest Book" you have "Never Read." Learn about the stories and the idiot behind them. If one thing is for certain; you will not be bored reading this book. These crazy stories are all 100% true.

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Watch The Book Trailer

This short video will blow your mind. In under 3 minutes you can see what all the fuss is about with real footage and photos. Most people want to buy this book immediatly after watching this. Please don't forget to share it also!

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Following "The Paul Wood Book" on Facebook will go a long way in helping me get the book published. Without your support there will be no book. I will also keep you updated on when the book is finished and how to purchase it.

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Writer’s Retreat Blog

This book is currently being writen and is due for release 2015-2016. Follow the progess on the book as it's being written on my dream writing retreat. From Boracay in The Phillipines, Brno in Czech Republic, and Agadir in Morocco.

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What is this book all about?

This book is NOT about me giving travel advice like a travel guide. It's also NOT about the warm wind blowing against my delicate skin in the summer breeze. In fact, after reading my stories - I wouldn't recommend listening to any of my travel advice, and reading about warm wind is pretty boring. This book is about 20 hardcore travel stories, which are 34% dangerous, 29% stupid, 11% naughty, 24% unlucky, and 2% sad.  All, however are 100% true, funny, and highly entertaining. From almost killing myself with pool chlorine, sneaking inside a Bolivian prison, nearly dying in a blizzard, having run ins with the Serbian Mafia, and doing a potential drug run to living homeless in a forest hunting rabbits, almost being raped by a lady-boy, flying across Europe to trial a new heart medicine never tested on humans before, sinking a speedboat, and having an erotic shower with 7 beautiful girls...you will not be bored for a single minute!

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